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Laboratory of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

  • Internal erosion
  • Geomaterials
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Numerical simulations

My PhD Thesis is online

My PhD Thesis "Flows of particules through a porous medium" is online.

Cover of Franck Lominé's PhD ThesisAbstract:

This work deals with experimental and numerical investigations on particles flow through a packing of larger spheres.

We built an experimental device to study lateral dispersion and the mean transit time of a blob of particles through a porous medium. Particularly, we determined the dependence of the mean transit time on the number of particles, on particle size and on the height of the porous medium. We also characterized the dependence of the lateral dispersion coefficient on the number of particles moving in the porous structure.

Then, we developed numerical simulation models based on "Event-Driven" and "molecular dynamic of soft spheres" methods. Those allowed us to supplement the experimental study by analyzing the influence of various additional parameters. The access inside the porous medium allowed a finer analysis of particles dispersion.

Finally, we approached the possibility of using the spontaneous percolation phenomenon to produce a mixer. Thanks to the numerical tool, we carried out and characterized mixtures of particles of different sizes. We showed that this process proves to be a simple and effective method to obtain homogeneous mixtures of particles.


Flow, segregation, percolation, porous medium, granular material, mixture, numerical simulations, Event-Driven, molecular dynamics of soft spheres.

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